Insurance websites may be full of not so easy to understand jargon

The last thing you need is to drive website visitors away with a website full of insurance industry-speak.

Your website might be the best-looking insurance website you have ever seen, but if your content is filled with industry insider jargon, things shared between others in the same profession, you’re in trouble. While the shorthand may be necessary in some instances, it is best to keep it to a bare minimum. People who want to buy insurance do not want to ready insurance lingo and not understand what it means. They want to get the point of what each policy offers, quickly, do some price comparisons, make a decision and buy something. If you confuse them upfront, you lose them — a bad thing for your business.

Industry-speak is confusing to people who do not have a reason to use various acronyms as a common part of their daily conversations. If you have an insurance website, you must tailor your content in such a way that is it understandable to everyone. Yes, you still need to adhere to search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, but that does not mean you need to eradicate all mentions of acronyms. What it does mean is you need to always aim your content at your potential customers, as that is the ideal insurance marketing guideline to convert traffic to your website.

Even though you may think that using jargon makes you look informed and knowledgeable, it only serves to drive people away, because they want the concept of insurance explained to them in plain English. You run the risk of coming across as a stuffed shirt, bursting at the seams to show people how smart you are. Visitors to your insurance website want to know you as a person, how your customer service is, whether you have a product that will suit them and if your prices are reasonable. The plain, down-to-earth kind of concerns you would have when you go searching to hire an SEO company to enhance your website and boost it in Google’s rankings.

A good SEO firm will tell you all these things and point out why being an approachable, likeable, plain speaking insurance agent with a social media, user friendly website does well in search engine rankings. And isn’t that what wanting better rankings is about —- reaching the people you want to market to?

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