Health insurance IS necessary

Despite what many Americans think and feel about the price of health insurance, it IS necessary. If something bad happened to you, or a family member, and medical care was required, who would pay the bills if you didn’t have insurance?

You likely have insurance on your home and your vehicle, and yet, without your good health, you may not be able to keep your home and that vehicle. This isn’t meant to scare anyone. It is a plain and simple truth. Even if you think you do not need health insurance because you are fit and healthy and have not seen a doctor for years, you can get into an accident.

Just because you drive carefully does not mean the other guy does. It does not mean they are not texting while driving on the way to or from work, might wander into your lane and cause a head-on collision. Say you make it to the hospital. You get treated. You may stay or may be released. Where will you find the funds to pay for the care? Even with money in the bank, chances are that you will not have enough to pay the kind of bills the hospital sends you.

Think twice about not having health insurance. It’s your life —— literally.

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