Health Care System Over-Taxed and Failing

Unfortunately, the resources of our health care system are very limited in many ways. This isn’t a great surprise given how many people use it, sometime daily. The costs are still escalating, even as you read this and it isn’t going to slow down unless there are some top down solutions to resuscitate the health care system.

As it stands, ERs in most major cities are jam packed with people that should be dealing with a GP, not emergency room doctors. The people using ERs as a matter of recourse are those without health insurance. Find a way to provide health insurance coverage for them, and other segments of society who are uninsured and you just may have a solution to rising costs, and overcrowded waiting rooms at hospitals etc.
The more we abuse the health care system, the more it suffers with physician burn out, rising malpractice errors and out of control costs. It’s time we took responsibility for our own health care.

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