Health Care Cooperatives are still a moving target

There hasn’t been all that much in terms of clarification of what a health care cooperative will actually do. How it will operate, how it will provide care and whether or not patients are partners in any decisions made by their doctor. One thing is clear though, and that is that if you access a cooperative, they will be run by attending to their financial bottom line. This may well mean cutting corners, not getting tests you need or not having a complete workup because costs need to be kept down.

You may also find yourself seeing a nurse and not a doctor, because they cost less. But most importantly of all, most of the medical decisions will be made by insurance companies. If that thought doesn’t scare you, it should. If your health is important to you, get health insurance now and find the money to pay for it however you can. There are affordable health insurance policies out there. It just takes some research to find them.

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