Have health insurance? If not, why not?

The question of the day is whether or not you have health insurance? While many Americans can say they do, there are many more that say they cannot afford it. To be blunt, the real issue is whether or not the can afford to lose everything they have worked for in their lives if they have a medical crisis and do not have health insurance.

If asked that question, in that manner, most would react in shock and immediately say they would never want to lose what they have slaved over for years. It is too important to them. They, for some reason, don’t regard protecting their health as being the key to protecting what they have acquired in life and that if they are hurt and get a bill the size of their mortgage, they are dead in the water.
Take the time to carefully thing through what not having health insurance could mean to you now and in the future. It’s an important issue that directly affects your life.

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