You don’t need a medical exam to ask for a life insurance quote

If you just want a quote on life insurance, you do not need a medical exam.

It’s pretty easy to get life insurance quotes online these days. A few clicks or roller ball moves and you’re done. There are so many insurance websites that offer free quotes, that you can have a good financial guesstimate of what a policy would cost you within about 24 hours or less —- usually less.

You must remember to submit the same details to all companies you want to provide you with a quote. If you don’t do that, your quotes are going to be all over the place and not make comparable. This is one good way to totally get confused. The same information means you get stable quotes on similar policies, so that also means that you need to provide accurate details on everything. No holding back on pre-existing conditions to get a better price. That kind of subterfuge catches up to you later.

What information is an insurance company looking for? Mostly the usual things: how tall are you? Are you male or female? How much do you weigh? When were you born? Once the basics are out of the way, you need to decide how much coverage you want. You need to get down with your budget and figure that out, so have some numbers ready before you go online. You could get anywhere from $100,000 to $10 million. Choose according to what works for your unique circumstances.

Just a word about the amount of coverage: One factor that dictates how much you can get is your medical history, status or condition. If you are in good health, you can get more life insurance. If not, that is an issue you will need to discuss with your agent. However, since you are only asking for an online quote, most of the questions you are answering only need yes or no answers, such as do you smoke or do you have a life-threatening condition.

If you wish to proceed beyond getting a quote, at that time, you would need to have a medical examination. At that time, you would then need to provide full details of your medical condition, which would then provide you with a fixed quote, based on your answers. At that time you would know precisely what amount you would pay for your monthly premium. This isn’t to say that you wouldn’t have a fair idea of what you’d likely pay from asking for online quotes, because you would.

Get as much information ready before you ask for quotes and things will be clear sailing for you.

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