Who will be able to access public health care in the future?

This is a good question, as the government has not really made it clear —- yet —- who will and who will not have access to the health insurance exchanges being built across the nation. Everyone? Particular groups? Will anyone be left out, like illegal immigrants? Will Medicaid be bolstered or will those that access it now be left without any access to health care? The main question here of course is how those who are living in poverty are going to afford health care, even at reasonable prices, and who will pick up the tab for the difference, if that is the plan. In short, who will benefit from public health insurance for everyone?

If you have spare cash or can scrape some together, it’s best to act now to get affordable health insurance. This gives you choices you may not have in 2014. Choose now what types of policy suits your lifestyle and you will have something in place to protect you if you need medical care, and who doesn’t these days?

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