Marble does multiple duty from flooring to countertops

Versatile marble can be anything you want it to be. In the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, it says “classy.”

If you really want to add some punch and pizzazz to your home, think about using marble in the kitchen, the bathrooms, the laundry room or wherever you think it would look good. Marble does it all, including countertops. Ever noticed in those fancy home magazines the kinds of marble used for kitchen countertops? Quite elegant and super easy to have done in your own home.

Why not get stone countertops in the room you spend most of your time in cooking? The look of marble can rejuvenate any room in your home and give everyone who sees it a feeling of timeless beauty. You just need to decide what color of marble you want, what would look best in the rooms you want to redo and how to compliment the rest of the room when the marble is installed.

Even though most associate marble with bathrooms, it is making its way into other locations in the home, like fireplaces, vanities, kitchen countertops, laundry rooms and tiling in other locations. It has a clean look; a polished presence and gives each room a quiet, yet classy finish. Just keep in mind that if you do choose marble for the kitchen countertop, that you need to treat it with respect and care to maintain its elegance.

Yes, marble does break and chip as a result of kitchen accidents, and some people, if they spend a lot of time in the kitchen, would prefer something less prone to marring, like granite. It’s tough and not as prone to stain, like marble. It just depends on what kind of look you want in the kitchen. Some like the idea of a slightly worn and chipped marble counter because it adds an old world vintage look to the room. It’s sort of like distressed clothing on the market today. People love the retro look.

It’s certainly a personal decision as to what you want for a new look. Keep in mind that marble tends to look better the more it ages and acquires character and it is water resistant, which means you do not have to worry about getting it wet when washing dishes. Just make sure it is sealed properly and don’t cut corners doing it, either. The sealing will need to be done more than once.

In the final analysis, marble is the look of now and the future. You just need to treat it with respect to keep it looking its very best.