Immigration is not just a political issue. It is the face of the nation.

Some politicians seem to think that politics are more important than the people they serve. That quite obviously puts many politicians in a touchy spot, as they have to sway with the voters whims. Such is the case when it comes to immigration reform. The party line may be one thing — the voter’s wishes, yet another. What happens to the politician in the middle? Good question. They end up trying for middle of the road and in the end, no one is happy.

Right now, the collective masses in the House on the hill are, once again, attempting to do something about immigration reform. Are you getting tired of hearing the constant stream of rhetoric? Millions of Latinos are certainly tired of it. Eleven million illegal aliens are tired of it. The voters are getting weary of it and immigration lawyers are fed right up with empty promises. They want to help their clients. They can’t do that given the mess the system is still in.

Full circle, the politicians are still saying they are going to tackle immigration reform, that they need to act now, that they have proposals ready to roll, and that they are all on the same song sheet. In two words —- prove it. Immigration, lest the politicians forget, is not about politics, it is supposedly about people. It is the face of the nation. It’s no secret that immigrants made the U.S.A. one of the greatest nations in the world, and for this they get what? Stalled, stalled and stalled on a path to citizenship.

Supposedly, there is a framework of sorts in place to implement common sense immigration reforms. Congress is working on it. The Senate is working on it. But, that seems to be about as far as it goes —- they are working on it. The time is long past when they should have acted. Waiting in the wings, still, are the hidden faces of over 11 million people who just want to take their rightful place in the sun. They have human rights. It seems the politicians forget that in the midst of debating how many more aliens they can deport this year.

So, which is it? Deportation, border security, detainment, arrest, the fracturing of families, or straightforward down to earth, practical solutions for those in limbo. These people pay taxes. They contribute to the economy. They have, in many cases, lived in the U.S. for years. Why do politicians overlook the positive aspects of taxpaying citizens and how they would benefit their communities, in favor of in-fighting over political issues and saving face?

When will immigration reform be done? By the looks of things, never.