Your Insurance Website Is Really About You

Not everyone realizes their website is a direct reflection of who they are, which means you are really your business, so take advantage of that.

People buy things from your insurance website because they feel they know you, appreciate your experience, your education, credentials, your style of writing and explaining insurance policies or they like your smile. Whatever the reason people do buy insurance from you, you can be certain it was not your logo or the pictures of the inside of your office. People like dealing with people. It’s the personal touch that makes a difference.

In short, you do not want your insurance website to end up being a buffer or barrier between you and your potential customers. You want it to be an extension of who you are. This is even more important if you have more than one insurance agent on staff. Each person that deals with the public needs to be known. You want everyone in the office to be a part of your online presence.

If you want to score large in the insurance industry, you make sure people know who you are personally. Your hobbies, the organizations you belong to, why you chose to sell Medicare supplements or car insurance or term life insurance or health insurance. You want them to see you doing the things you love, even if that is riding a horse in back country trails. The real you is what you want to convey to potential customers.

In sharing a part of who you are with those who visit your insurance website, you have opened the door to more personal contact; heightened the potential for visitors to stay and get to know you and buy something. By showing people who you are, the real you, you have a cutting edge advantage over your competition, because you become more personable, approachable and someone people want to know better. The advantages to this strategy? You likely sell more insurance. It does not get any better than that.

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