Vinyl Plank Flooring As An Appealing Option

If you have not seen vinyl plank flooring, you’re in for a nice surprise.

Many people when asked about whether they would consider vinyl plank flooring, get a deer in the headlights look and mumble something about vinyl being kind of ugly and they want something that looks good in their home.

You’re in for a real surprise, because luxury vinyl plank flooring has elegance, functionality and lots of style. This happens to be due to the fact that being in style is hot and flooring manufacturers know a good thing when they see it. Today’s vinyl plank flooring looks great and even more realistic in mimicking other flooring choices that are more expensive.

In fact, choosing vinyl plank over hardwood or laminate is actually a good idea, largely due to the fact that it is far more durable and tougher than either of those two choices. Its ability to withstand spills and scratches is phenomenal.
Just keep in mind when you start shopping around for this flooring, that not all flooring, and this applies to every choice you ultimately make, is created equal. For instance, check the backing system, how it is constructed, does it have a commercial or residential warranty, come with a mold inhibitor and is it certified hypo-allergenic?

You will also want to check whether or not your potential choice is water proof or water resistant, as that makes a huge difference as to where you have it installed. Find out how thick it is, as the thicker, the better, for some locations. There are so many options to choose and no matter what you do choose, you will find the pricing quite reasonable.

There aren’t too many flooring options on the market these days that can boast of a starting price of $.99/sq.ft. Certainly there are more expensive choices, but if you have budget issues, the least expensive flooring choice still looks good.

You just need to take your time choosing what works for you, as you would with selecting more expensive flooring. You will want to check that what you are being quoted does match up with your product choice. For example check the thickness and layering to ensure you are getting what you want, and make certain that when you compare various options of the same flooring, that you are comparing the same kind of product within the flooring range. It’s pretty easy to shop, but just take your time and you will end up with a good deal for something that really looks great in your home.