Out of State Health Insurance Quotes a Bust

If you opted to get your health insurance quotes and purchased from a large online insurance website that happens to be in another state, you might find yourself of the phone a lot. That may be the biggest understatement of the year too. Insurance companies that are out of state have no real clue what goes on in your part of the world, nor frankly do they care. Selling insurance packages is a business and if the package they are selling you is fairly close to what you need, then they’ll consider it a done deal. Whether or not the insurance you get out of state really will suit your needs is entirely another question. Yes, health insurance quotes provided by a large volume broker are pretty good, because they have the volume to offer better rates, but that doesn’t mean they offer better service, something you might find out if you ever have a claim and have to deal with them on the phone and get the run around. Stay local. You’ll be glad you did. To read more and get a health insurance quote, visit http://www.benepath.com

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