Health insurance is number one on your list of things to buy this year

You have about a year or so left to go before you must buy health insurance. Have you done anything about it? Many Americans have not, preferring to wait until the last minute. This isn’t a great idea, as waiting until the last minute means you won’t have as many choices as you might like and may find it difficult to get insurance due to the long wait times. In other words, you won’t be the only person that put buying health insurance off, only to find out later that it was smarter to have bought it now.

2014 is uncertain in many ways, but mostly so because no one has that good of an idea about what government health insurance will offer, what it will cost, who will be selling it, what options there may or may not be, and so forth. If you want to know how much you are spending, what your policy does cover, and does not cover, what supplemental additional insurance you can get and other things you can choose from, buy your health insurance now.

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