Don’t think you need health insurance? Think twice about that

Many Americans seem to think that buying health insurance is not all that big a deal —- meaning it isn’t a priority, whether they have extra money to do so, or not. Wrong. Health insurance may keep you from going bankrupt. Medical bills cause roughly 62 percent of bankruptcies and 50 percent of all bankruptcies are as a result of medical bills. It’s time to rethink buying health insurance, because who wants to lose their house while trying to pay a doctor’s bill?

If you have never searched for health insurance quotes, start is online. Try not to just jump in, thinking every policy you see it the one for you. More than half of the Americans who need and want health insurance have no idea what they need. They think any policy will do. That is not true. Sit down and write out what you need. Be honest with yourself and the agent. If you have pre-existing conditions, but don’t admit it, you’ll get caught later when you submit a claim for a medication you’ve been taking. Health insurance is all about you and your health. Take care of it, now and for the future.

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