Does Your Lead Company Do This?

Two weeks ago we received updated lead disposition reports from two of our larger customers who were showing weaker close rates recently. The data spanned a period of over two months and while the close rates weren’t bad, it was clear the trend was in the wrong direction.

During this period there was no change in where we were marketing, the keywords that we were competing for, the landing pages and sites we were using, etc.

So, what changed?

To find out, we took their two disposition reports as well as other clients’ sales results  and matched it up with our marketing data. Then the analysis began.

Here’s what we discovered:

  • Two sub sources of traffic from our long term advertising sources recently had substantial increases in their traffic. Some of you may now say that should have been an alarm in and of itself, but you would be dead wrong. This happens all the time and without knowing sales results there is too little data to have real actionable information.
  • Clients that were displaying quotes on their branded thank you page were closing 125% more cases than those without quotes.  A consumer that types a keyword phrase with the word “quotes”  wants to see quotes after filling out their information or know clearly how the agent will be delivering their quotes.

Here’s what we did:

  • Blocked the two sub sources from displaying our ads going forward
  • Made improvements to our thank you pages

Without customer feedback, we would be flying blind.

Check out our Video to learn exactly the process we go through  to do our analysis.