Contractor Employee Killed in Industrial Accident at Nissan Plant

A worker at a plant owned by automaker Nissan in Smyrna, Tennessee was killed when a large piece of electrical equipment fell on him as it was being moved. The man, whom authorities did not name, was an employee of Complete Automation, a Nissan supplier. The accident happened on a recent Thursday morning at the System I paint plant on Nissan Drive.

Third party contractors working at industrial plants face unique safety threats. They are not covered by the plant owner’s worker’s compensation insurance. And they do not benefit from the same facility-specific safety training that the owner’s employees receive.

The Nissan plant was the site of at least two other serious accidents in just the past 18 months. Both involved third-party employees. In January, 2012, 50-year-old Martin O’Connell, a transportation company worker, was killed when his truck rolled forward while he was standing in front of it and pinned him against a parked trailer. And in June of that year, a man working for Nissan supplier Enprotech was critically injured while performing maintenance on heavy equipment at the plant.

When contractors are injured or killed at a company’s facilities, the company knows they are potentially liable for significant damages and will do everything they can to prevent that. If you are injured while working in a contractor position, you need an experienced attorney to stand up to high-priced defense lawyers and aggressively discover the facts of the case. Make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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