A world driven by the electronic age

There isn’t much these days that isn’t e-driven. E-this and e-that, you will even find it in hospitals and doctor’s offices. There’s e-prescribing, texting, e-medical records, voice calls converted to talk mail and more. All very well and good, but it still does not reduce the number of errors that may happen in a medical environment. If you think distracted driving is an issue, consider what distracted medical diagnosis may bring. A scary thought.

Do you have a health insurance plan that covers you when you need to see a doctor? Have you been searching for the right insurance policy and had no luck? Go online and check out reputable insurance websites and start asking questions. It helps to work with a list of things you need. The irony is e-searching is how you will find what you need. From there though, call and make personal contact. The personal touch is so valuable these days, and missing in most of our daily communications.

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