2014 – take it or leave it?

If you have spent any time thinking about what will happen in 2014 if you do not have a health insurance policy, you are not alone. There are so many questions and so few answers. Should you wait and buy a health insurance policy then? Or buy now? Will you get insurance then if you don’t have it now? Will you pay a fine if you don’t have insurance —- meaning would you actually pay such a fine if you were told you had to do so?

Tough questions; questions of the kind that make you second guess what you would do when push comes to shove. You likely realize you need a health insurance plan, because without one, you’d be in mega hot water trying to pay off bills larger than Mount Everest. No insurance does not mean you save money. It means if you need medical care, you will personally have to pay the whole bill out of your own pocket. Can you do that when a broken limb may run around $25,000? Probably not. Most people don’t have money like that at their disposal. It’s time to get covered, just in case.

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