Would Aircraft Transaction Mediation Help You?

Aircraft transactions are getting done, but often the deals are much more difficult to sign or close. Sometimes, the parties are just “stuck” on an issue during the pre-purchase inspection, after it, or right before closing. Sometimes one party may be less experienced with what is “customary” or “market” or “industry standard,” or what a likely outcome might be. Whether in the midst of an active transaction or after its termination in a dispute about a default or a deposit, we are available on a moment’s notice, 24/7, to mediate between the parties to resolve important pending issues, in person or by phone. In aircraft transaction mediation, we help parties increase communication with each other in an effort to come to resolution. When emotions are running high, communicating through a neutral third party can remove many obstacles to a successful transaction. With over 17 years of negotiating and closing aircraft transactions from a buyer’s or seller’s perspective, we’ve probably seen it before. If your objective is to move forward, let us bring our experience to bear to bring you together.