When marketing to seniors use only exclusive Medicare supplement leads

If you want to lock down a reliable source of leads, buy only quality exclusive Medicare leads.

Exclusive Medicare supplement leads are worth every penny you spend on them. They are a critical part of your business as well, since America is aging, and you have a growing, captive market. However, you do not want to waste time trying to find your own leads or deal with a fly-by-night lead generation company who might skirt some legal and ethical issues. Gone are the days of trying to beat out every other agent within a 50 mile radius to sell Medicare supplements —- unless you like doing business that way.

Before you invest in exclusive Medicare supplement leads, there are some questions you need to ask the company you are planning on dealing with. Were the leads checked against the “No Not Call” list? Do they come in the territories you want? Do they come as set appointments? Are they pre-screened and qualified, so you know you are not wasting your time? Those are just some of the things you might want to ask; you can custom order exclusive Medicare care supplement needs, based on what you want. Won’t it be nice to talk to leads that need and want your products and are qualified to buy them?

With exclusive Medicare supplement leads, you do not share with any other agent. You have genuine exclusivity to serve your potential customer to the best of your ability. Leads that come pre-screened and pre-qualified increase not only your productivity, but enhance your financial bottom line. No more wasting time on dead end calls. Just sit down, open your email, check your leads, pick up the phone and call your prospective customers to discuss what they would like and answer questions. It doesn’t get any better than that.

To begin with, you might want to do just one geographic territory, so you don’t feel overwhelmed, but remember, you have the choice to take as many leads as you want, or keep it to a small handful a day so you have time to work them all. In short, you get to arrange times and appointments and contacts according to times that best suit you. It’s a smart way to do business and one that will expand your agency’s financial bottom line.

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