What are you doing today about health insurance?

Today is another day, and you get up and get to work. Your day is normal, but for the fact that you tripped over the last step on the way into the office and you broke your forearm when you landed. Ouch! After your visit to the local ER, you realize you don’t know what you are going to do when the bill comes. You don’t have health insurance, either privately or through work. Now what?

This is a scenario faced by a lot of Americans today, and there really is no solution to their dilemma. If they had health insurance, they would be covered for all or part of the ER bill. Without that coverage, they have to find the funds on their own. Many can’t do that. Many are in hock to the hospital for years and some may even declare bankruptcy. Set aside what money you can to handle things like this, as the alternative is unthinkable. Better yet, get health insurance, no matter how much you need to scrimp.

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