Searching online for affordable health insurance quotes is great, but beware of scammers

It’s nice to find a wide range of options online when you’re looking for affordable health insurance quotes. Just beware of scammers.

It’s so easy to find online quotes these days, you’ll wonder why you never did it before. It’s not hard and many times you can find the information you need within a couple of hours, depending on how many sites you want to visit for instant quotes. Multiple quotes are great when you want to comparison shop. Stick with getting your quotes from a reputable independent health insurance agency. They have everything you need.

Pay attention to where you are online though, as what may appear to be an online health insurance quoting company is really not. There are a great number of companies that lurk on the Internet, waiting for people to provide them with your personal contact information. If you leave that information with the wrong company, your phone will be so busy you’ll have to unplug it. These companies are selling your personal information to various agents across the U.S.

How do you know what is safe and what is not? Ask. Find out if the information provided is kept confidential or sold. You can find that out by checking the company’s privacy policy. No privacy policy? Move on to another website. Also see if the site you are on is a member of the Better Business Bureau. The ultimate double check that the agency you see online is legitimate is to call them and personally talk to an agent or broker.
Once you have an open line to communication, you can get the multiple quotes you need, ask questions, compare quotes side-by-side, ask more questions and find something that suits your budget. One more thing you should know about is that there is no mark-up when you work with an agent. The policy prices are set directly by the insurance companies. So, working directly with an agent costs nothing and provides you with inside information on what would suit your specific needs.

If you want to work exclusively online and not deal with an agent, that is completely up to you. If you find what you need and what suits your budget and want to buy right away, just click the “apply” button you’ll see when you get your quotes. Once you hit that button, you will be contacted by an agent to find out if there is anything further that you need and they will help you process the application to completion. It’s far easier to get affordable health insurance quotes online these days and far easier to buy online, too.

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