Remember the changes to health care that allowed customers to find affordable health insurance?

One thing is a given these days. The health insurance market has changed dramatically.
Whether you know it or not, with all the changes over the last few years in the health care field, health care has become more simplified. It might not seem like it, but health reform has begun to make its presence known. One of the major things you should notice is that when you are shopping for affordable health insurance, it actually is affordable. It will also, across the board, come with several basic options, no matter who you choose to buy your policy from in the first place. In short, the industry now has some standardized rules that may benefit those still looking to buy insurance before 2014.
One thing in your favor is that there is now no lifetime cap. At one time insurance companies capped people out between $2 and $5 million. While many individuals would likely not run bills that high, a family facing critical illness would run through that amount in no time flat. Without the lifetime cap, consumers have more health security.

Another bit of good news is that insurance companies must cover the costs of any wellness exams you may have — 100 percent of the cost, not just a portion. Furthermore, the exams are not subject to a deductible or co-pay. It goes without saying that wellness checkups only make good sense. Get yourself checked out once a year and stay healthy and well. This is a benefit not just to you, but to the health care system, as healthy people don’t need to see the doctor as much. Additionally, these days all children under the age of 19 may qualify for an individual health insurance plan, whether they have pre-existing conditions or not.

What suits you? Take the time to find out what is out there now, as it is radically different than even four years ago. There are more policies, more choices, more options and more flexibility. Just about anything you can conceive of in terms of health insurance coverage is now possible. It’s a buyer’s market for a change and you might be pleasantly surprised to find that what you once thought was impossible, is now not only possible, but reasonably priced and fits you like a glove.

Just remember, there are still tons of health insurance plans available when you shop online. Choose from HMO, major medical, PPO, HSA plans, co-pay plans and so forth. Confusing? Maybe, but that’s when you get smart and work with your broker. They know their products and if you tell them what you need, they can find it for you a lot faster than you can. Shopping for affordable health insurance is no longer like having a root canal.

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