Prescriptions Unsafe for Treating an Infection During Pregnancy

If treating an infection during pregnancy or addressing illnesses while pregnant, women should discuss medication choice with their doctor. Women may have to cease certain behaviors when pregnant, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating certain foods and taking some medications.

If during pregnancy an infection develops, the only way to treat it may be to use antibiotics or some other form of prescription medication. Although many are not harmful to the mother or fetus, some can have serious effects on an unborn baby. If a doctor’s error during pregnancy causes infection or if a doctor prescribes a harmful medication, women and their families may have a case of medical malpractice in Ohio.

Dangerous Drugs for Treating an Infection During Pregnancy

Drugs that are harmful to the baby during pregnancy are called teratogens.

These include antibiotics such as:

  • streptomycin;
  • tetracycline;
  • metronidazole; and
  • doxycycline.

There are other medications that should be avoided as well, such as acne medications, ACE inhibitors, and anti-seizure and thyroid medications.

Penicillin, ampicillin and amoxicillin are commonly prescribed to treat pregnancy infections and are safe to use when taken correctly. Over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen are generally safe as well. These do not appear to cause birth defects, but should be used sparingly in the later stages of the pregnancy. Talk to your doctor before taking any medication – prescription or over-the-counter – to ensure it is safe to do so.

Contacting an Attorney about Medical Malpractice in Ohio

Some pregnant women may be given unsafe medications for treating an infection during pregnancy. If these medications are prescribed by a doctor and result in complications for the mother or baby, the doctor may be held liable. Mellino Robenalt LLC can help victims understand their legal rights pertaining to medical malpractice in Ohio. Contact us today at 440-333-3800 if a medical error related to treating an infection during pregnancy has caused injury.

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