Looking for something different in flooring – try recycled rubber

If you want to be unique, try recycled rubber flooring. It certainly is a conversation piece.

Focusing on green products for the home is still going strong, and many people are giving serious thought to what kind of flooring to have in their homes. It’s about protecting our habitat and environment, protecting the earth and our forests. One alternative flooring that is piquing people’s interest is reclaimed rubber. Talk about cost effective flooring. It is even less expensive than natural rubber. While you may think it sounds too different and while you might not be able to visualize what your home would look like with reclaimed rubber floors, check it out online. The look is quite appealing.

While gyms, spas and fitness centers might come to mind, reclaimed rubber has a role to play in your home. You can’t beat it for maintenance. Imagine a floor that is completely stain-resistant and will not scratch up, not even if you have pets and busy kids. This kind of flooring lasts for years and years and years. If you have a need for safe flooring in your home for children or older or disabled adults, reclaimed rubber flooring may be just the thing for you.

As you might expect, reclaimed rubber flooring is made from cast off automobile tires. After processing, it ends up as rolls of flooring and as tiles. It is environmentally friendly in terms of a green flooring option. Recycled rubber also uses less energy, as opposed to creating new rubber, a process that requires an enormous amount of energy, which often gets wasted during its creation. Starting from scratch is not always a great idea. It is also more expensive than reclaimed rubber and if you are on a budget, reclaimed rubber is a great fit for you.

It might take some work to adjust your perception of rubber flooring as something you would only find in commercial buildings. Think “outside of the box” and you’ll see that rubber would be beneficial for many areas in your home —- the laundry room, playrooms, the garage, pantry or even a bathroom. The best use of this type of flooring is in a kid’s playroom. It cuts the noise level and prevents them from slipping and falling. Also, if you have pets, a rubber floor is a breeze to keep clean.

One further point in favor of using reclaimed rubber is that, contrary to what you may think, it is not pitch black, unless that is what you want. It comes in different colors, formats, thicknesses and designs, just like any other type of flooring. Why not give it some thought? It might be the right thing to do if you have concerns about preserving the planet.