Health Insurance Really is Affordable

The last thing you might want to be thinking about is health insurance. After all, you already have enough bills to pay, right? While that may be true, if you don’t have health insurance in place and you do something like break an ankle or wrist, do you have the close to $20,000 it will take to get it treated? Do you have the money on hand to pay the ER bill when it arrives?

Most Americans would say no to that, largely because these days, who has extra cash on hand? Most of the money they make goes to food and housing. The thing is this, if you don’t have health insurance to defray medical expenses when you need it, you won’t have the house for much longer. This isn’t to scare you. This is the reality of living in a bad economy in the 21st century. You need health insurance or you face the real specter of going bankrupt.

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