Health Insurance for the Future?

Does anyone know what health insurance will look like in the future? No, but that won’t stop debates about it. One thing is for certain: every citizen who pays taxes will take more than just a passing interest in how health insurance is going to shape up over time. And why wouldn’t they, as everyone needs health insurance or they face financial ruin if something happens. It’s a fact that our tax dollars keep the current health care system going. The sad part is when health care costs get so high that people can’t afford care, and can’t afford insurance. And that includes the people who may have been able to have some health insurance, but can’t carry it any longer due to the recession/depression. It’s a conundrum without a solution at the moment. The one thing that is certain though is that not having health insurance is not an option, despite how tight finances are. If you ever need medical care, and don’t have health insurance, you will get slammed with a bill you likely can’t pay.

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