Affordable Health Insurance Rates for Those Who Do Not Qualify

Here’s a statistic that will make you stop and think. There are an estimated 11 million poor eligible for Medicaid who do not have a health insurance plan. In today’s world that is shocking. Our social responsibilities are taking a back seat to making money it seems.

We may see health insurance plans finally start making sense to everyone, and not just those who are able to afford it with the advent of health care reform. However, having said that, there is still the question of what to do with the U.S. economy. If it is not stable, then health care reform becomes a serious issue to contend with, particularly when it comes to money. Yes, there may be mandatory health insurance, but the real question will be how low income or no income people will afford even government priced insurance policies through exchanges. If there is a subsidization program, where will the money come from? It’s food for thought. One should likely not expect changes overnight, not in light of the recent fiscal cliff fiasco.

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