The merit based system

While a lot has been said about the 11 million illegal immigrants in the proposal by the Gang of 8, nothing has been said about the merit based point system.  This is business friendly, and hopefully both Republicans and Democrats can agree on this. 
It replaces the old diversity visa and other country specific visas. We can finally move away  from  the goal  to keep this nation white, and make it bright. Diversity visas were given to any one with a simple High school graduation. This at a time when our indigenous high school grads cant get work. 
Instead we move to having a merit based point system.  The points are: Doctorate degree 15 points, Master’s 10 points and Bachelors get 5 points. For experience, the proposal creates job zones. (Somewhat like the old preferences)   You get 1 point for high zone employment with a total of 20. 
However the point system is not perfect. A score of 80  on the TOEFL gets 10 points. Good knowledge of English is the same as a Master’s Degree?   And countries underrepresented in this country gets an extra 5 points.  And yes, community service gets 2 points. 
Looks very much like an Admissions rubric for s selective Universities.  Time to pad your resumes people. 
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