The business of health insurance

Health insurance companies are a business – period. What does that mean for you? It means that if you need to submit a claim, you can. It means if you need extra coverage, you can get it. To get this service and the benefits, you need to pay your monthly health insurance premium without fail. Will you get good service? Probably. Will you get all your claims completely paid? Not likely. Will your insurance premiums go up every year.

Why don’t insurance companies cut you a break? Why don’t they offer more services for less money and make it easier for you to buy insurance and to claim a refund? The simple answer is because they are a business and when you are in business you don’t give away something that costs you money, unless you have a way to recover the expense. Nothing in life is free when it comes to insurance companies nor should it be. Keep that in mind and you might not get too bent out of shape if they deny or reduce a claim. They are taking the risk of insuring you. That is worth something.

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