Pregnancy-Related Death Caused by an Emergency Room Error

If when visiting an emergency room for issues related to pregnancy, death caused by labor malpractice may yield a wrongful death claim. The damage in this case can be twofold, threatening the lives of both the mother and the unborn child. 

Those who have lost a family member because an ER error committed during pregnancy, that caused death, may have grounds for a wrongful death claim on behalf of their loved one. Anyone affected by ER errors is encouraged to contact an Ohio wrongful death attorney as soon as possible to discuss legal options.

Wrongful Death Claim Based on ER Errors and Labor Malpractice 

According to Chapter 2125 of Ohio law, the spouse, children, parents, siblings and next of kin are eligible to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of their loved one.

In a wrongful death claim related to pregnancy medical malpractice, surviving family members can seek damages for: 

  • loss of services;
  • funeral and burial expenses;
  • loss of financial support, benefits and income;
  • loss of companionship, guidance and counsel; and
  • pain, suffering and mental anguish.

There is a two year statute of limitations on wrongful death claims in Ohio. That means loved ones must file their claims within two years of the victim’s death, or they become ineligible to seek damages.

Legal Help from an Ohio Wrongful Death Attorney 

Anyone who has lost a loved one because of labor malpractice or ER errors committed during pregnancy may call 440-333-3800 or 216-241-1901 to set up a consultation with an attorney at Mellino Robenalt LLC. An Ohio wrongful death attorney can evaluate whether there are grounds for a wrongful death claim and can help victims’ families pursue compensation following a pregnancy-related death caused by negligence.