How can complications during labor and delivery cause a birth injury or defect?

Complicated deliveries may increase risk of birth injury, especially if the situation is poorly handled by a medical professional. When providing parents legal representation, an Ohio medical malpractice lawyer in Cleveland can evaluate the severity of complications and may enlist a medical expert to help determine if the injury or defect was the result of negligence.

Complications During Delivery and Possible Birth Injuries 

Complications may naturally increase risk of injury to children during the delivery process, but this risk may be heightened if the situation is not properly addressed by the medical professionals.

In the case of prolonged labor, for example, if the doctor decides to use forceps to move the delivery along, there may be a risk of injury. There could be swelling or bruising on the newborn’s face or head, which is typically minor, goes away on its own, and usually doesn’t indicate medical malpractice in Ohio.

However, if forceps are used improperly, newborns may suffer facial nerve damage or other complications such as intracranial bleeding.

Another example is a larege baby, which isn’t uncommon. The baby’s larger size may lead to injuries during delivery, though. Among the most common is shoulder dystocia, which can result in nerve injuries to the hand, arm and shoulder.

Could a birth defect be caused by medical malpractice in Ohio? 

Birth defects usually have genetic or environmental factors and develop while the baby is still in the womb. This means that in many cases a doctor won’t be liable. One example where it could be an exception is when a physician prescribes medication to a pregnant woman that is known to cause birth defects, yet fails to give that warning.

In some cases, though, an injury during delivery may lead to brain damage – such as transmission of an infection to the child during birth that causes encephalitis – which can result in a defect. In this case, if the doctor acted negligently in not accounting for the mother’s known infection – such as by choosing a C-section instead of vaginal delivery – then he or she may be considered to have acted negligently.

How do I know if medical malpractice in Ohio played a role in a birth injury? 

To evaluate these cases, an Ohio medical malpractice lawyer may enlist a Cleveland medical expert to help evaluate the case. In fact, when a medical professional’s judgment is in question, a medical expert is necessary to testify in the case regarding the doctor’s decisions and judgments.

An attorney may also evaluate and utilize medical records and other evidence to establish a medical professional’s negligence in the case.

Was your child injured in Ohio? A Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Cleveland Can Help 

It can be difficult to know if a birth injury or defect was preventable, which is why many parents in Ohio consult a medical malpractice lawyer in Cleveland for legal help. Contact an attorney at Mellino Robenalt LLC at 440-333-3800 to discuss whether a claim for medical malpractice in Ohio may be filed for a birth injury.