Health insurance plans aren’t the kitchen sink, but come darn close

You might think that your health insurance policy covers everything, but it does not. And actually, health insurance was never intended to cover everything, although it comes as close as possible. Most health insurance policies these days are designed to cover life specific events – your life specific events or the events of you and your family. You need to realize that you have a lot to say about what you want in terms of health insurance coverage. If someone tells you what you need, step back, say thanks and go about the business of finding out the information you need on your own.

The best health insurance policies are policies you have a say in, no ifs, ands or buts. And to accomplish that, you need to start your search for a policy by making out a list of the things you absolutely need. If you want to add a health insurance wish list, that’s a good idea as well. Once you have the list, start searching online for a policy that comes close to meeting your needs. Yes, they ARE out there. You just need to find them and if that idea gives your heartburn, call an independent broker or agent and ask for help. Better to have health insurance when you need it than find out you can’t pay your bills later when you’re hurt and don’t have insurance.

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