Health Care Reform is looming large – mostly

Health care reform is still a hot topic. They like it. They love it. They fear it. They hate it.
There are very few in between reactions to this proposition. While it may well be the place to start to reform the health care system, one has to question if it is the right way to do it or the wrong way to do it? Or better yet, does the system need tweaking or not? If you have taken the time to research the issue, you will have an opinion of your own, as do many other Americans.

Will you all share the same opinion? Not likely? Is health care reform needed? Yes, as the costs are completely out of control. Will health care reform improve how we access medical care? Maybe. Will it bring down the prices? Questionable. So, here is the burning question of the day: are you for or against health care reform? Will you be able to live with it when it is implemented in 2014?

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