Understand What Exclusive Health Insurance Leads Can Mean For Your Business

If you have a good grasp of what exclusive health insurance leads mean for your business, your agency will grow.

Before madly rushing out to buy exclusive health insurance leads, look around a bit. Ask questions. Talk to other agents and find out their criteria for buying leads. Some will buy shared leads and some will opt to buy exclusive leads. You will want to know the difference before you buy, largely because it’s an investment and you want a good return on that investment.

So let’s say you decide to go for exclusive health insurance leads. A good choice, by the way. Having made that decision, what are your criteria for making that choice? Sure, you will be spending more on them, but conversely, you will also make more on them, because exclusive means exclusive and you are not competing with any other agents. If by chance you have shelled out for exclusive leads and then find out you are actually sharing them with others, it’s time for a pointed conversation with the lead generation company about a refund and false advertising.

Lesson one when buying insurance leads is only buy them from a reputable lead generation company and if you have any doubts the company, move on and find one that does offer exclusive leads when you ask and pay for them. Keep in mind though that just because you have opted to buy only exclusive health insurance leads, this does not guarantee you will get a sale or conversion. Shocked? Let us explain. Buying those leads does not automatically mean a sale for you, unless you are prepared to work your leads.

Leads are exactly what they say they are, leads that still need to be followed up. Exclusive leads are better than shared ones for several reasons, not the least of which is that they are pre-screened and pre-qualified. They are interested buyers wanting the information you have. If you work those leads accordingly, you will make sales. If you do not, you have wasted your time and money. The choice is up to you. In a nutshell, follow up, follow up and follow up some more.

The bottom line is that if you are diligent in working your leads, you will make sales. It is that simple. Being organized and determined will carry the day, not to mention the fact that with exclusive leads, you are the potential client’s first point of contact. Take that advantage and work it. Ask questions. Find out what the prospect needs and offer the just-right kind of policy for their needs. Your immediate response puts you many miles ahead of the competition.

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