Occupational Health Center Promises to Reduce Workers Compensation Costs

An occupational health center will begin operations in Normal, Illinois, with the goal of reducing work injuries and workers’ compensation costs. Integrated Work Injury Network (IWIN) opens in February with Dr. Dru Hauter as medical director. Dr. Hauter is also affiliated with Illinois Work Injury Resource Center (I-WIRC), an occupational health center in Peoria.

The facility will be a non-hospital-based center for the treatment and prevention of work injuries, including X-rays, physical examinations, drug screening and functional testing. Patients are typically employed by health care facilities, construction companies and manufacturers.

Illinois workers who are injured on the job should know that they have the right to choose their own medical provider. Employers have the right to recommend a health care provider, and they will often recommend an occupational health center. These clinics rely on referrals from employers and they focus on reducing workers’ compensation costs by ensuring that employees return to work quickly. This may not be in the employee’s best interest.

If you are injured at work, contact a qualified workers’ compensation attorney who can help make sure you receive the compensation you deserve and the medical care you need.

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