For Tiling Versatility, Choose Slate

For flexibility in tiling, choose slate.

Many Tampa flooring contractors choose slate for floors, walls and counter tops, and the reason for their choice is that slate is a natural material and no two tiles are the same. They can be used in a residential or commercial job and still look appealing and attractive. Slate tiles suit any décor.

One of the latest trends is slate flooring in all rooms of the house, but if you prefer, just do the kitchen and bathroom. Slate is very durable; making it an ideal choice for high traffic areas, and being slip resistant means a great choice of flooring. If you are not sure what to use in the room of choice, there are different kinds of slate. Choose what you want according to the theme of the room. For example, black slate will offer a nice contemporary ambiance.  The choices are endless and no matter what you choose, slate will do right by your interior.

You might even want to think about using slate for any countertops in either the bathroom or kitchen. This adds a nice touch of class to any room and you can have whatever look suits your fancy. Slate is regarded as being low maintenance and relatively stain resistant and you can match the countertop to the flooring or select a complementary color instead. You can’t go wrong with slate.

When the interior is done, consider the outside. What about the patio area? Slate does wonders for just about any outside area and provides an appealing touch of charm to any space. Simply choose the right color to suit a mood or theme and then choose the size and pattern that best suits your lifestyle preferences. It’s a slam dunk and will likely be the talk of the neighborhood.

But if you really want to capture people’s attention, use slate tiles on your roof. They’re ideal. Weather resistant and long lasting, not to mention a bit less expensive than other roofing materials you could choose, using slate also means replacing the roof less often; a real bonus in the long run.

In short, slate tiling is highly versatile, attractive, reasonable priced, long lasting, flexible, adaptable, easy to maintain, and looks good in any room. Try to choose the best quality tiling you can, as it will serve you well over the years. If you have concerns about installing it, talk to a local Tampa flooring contractor.

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