Cork Flooring Handles Pet Issues With Ease

Americans have pets in record numbers. Flooring is an issue when animals are present.

“It’s a no brainer when people have animals, whether it’s cats or dogs, or both, that their floors are going to take a beating. Claws just take the top off most floors, no matter how often you clip the dog’s nails. And cats, well, let’s just say that more often than not they manage to decorate the floor with their dinner, making for some tough stain issues, and that goes for dogs too,” added Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company.

Just about 60 percent, or more homes, in the U.S. have animals — that’s a lot of flooring issues, one way or the other. Hardwood floors are the worst when there are pets in the home, and carpets are nearly impossible to keep clean, although there are good stain products on the market today. Rather than pitch an uphill battle, cork flooring may be the ideal solution for pet owners.

Contrary to what many think, cork is highly durable and takes up to a 45 percent compression ratio and still rebounds to its original shape. “If you think of your cat that scratches the floor with their claws, you’d think it would shred it. It doesn’t. It compresses and releases, back to its normal shape. Even larger dogs with huge feet and longer nails will not make a dent in this type of flooring,” Dupre said.

Perhaps the best part about cork flooring is the fact that it happens to be water resistant. If a puppy pees on it, it’s not a major issue, other than getting it wiped up before it seeps under the tiles. Potty training with papers or pads, when combined with cork flooring, makes the dog duties easier. “That being said, you would, of course, make sure the house-breaking is completed to a point where there are fewer accidents over time,” suggested Dupre.

Cork flooring is also attractive for those who have allergies. In fact, it is often referred to as an anti-allergenic flooring.  It does not hold pet dander or hair, pollens or harbor dust mites and molds. Just remember to keep it clean.

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