The 2012 Presidential Election Nearly Got One Man Killed

There are times when discussing politics can be dangerous. This is one strange case.

It takes many different kinds of people to make up an interesting world. However, there are some lines in the sand that one really should not cross. This case graphically points out what not to do if you disagree with a significant other’s political views.

This story happened in Phoenix, when a woman, distraught over Barack Obama’s successful re-election, ran over her husband with a car. Why? The man didn’t vote in the election, which greatly upset his wife. She was so upset that she used the family car to run him down. The 28-year-old woman chased her husband until she managed to run over him, leaving him pinned under the car. He was taken to hospital in critical condition, but was expected to survive. However, there is no word on whether or not their marriage will survive.

The woman’s 36-year-old husband did not vote, which she took as a personal affront. She firmly believed that her whole family would face untold hardship for the next four years with Obama in office. One wonders how his one vote could have changed the election outcome, but stranger things have happened.

It appears the family argument started as the couple argued in a parking lot. It soon escalated; the wife chased her husband around the lot while in the car, window cranked down and yelling at him. He tried to hide behind anything that he could, including a light pole, and when he bolted for safety by heading for another location, his wife ran over him. This is one tough case, and the husband must decide whether or not to sue his wife for compensation for his injuries and to pay his medical bills and possible divorce.

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