No one could believe this horrific medical malpractice case

This “decapitation at birth” case is just horrific.

The parents were expecting a healthy baby. What they got, instead, was a dead baby, thanks to an incompetent OB-GYN who attempted to pull the child from the birth canal, and in the process, detached the baby’s head from its spine.

At trial, the evidence demonstrated that the doctor separated the baby’s head from its neck during the delivery process, then pushed the child back into the mother’s womb and did an emergency C-section to hide his negligence. A totally horrific, horrendously negligent action, carried out by a doctor who had urged the mother to have a vaginal delivery, when her regular doctor indicated their baby boy would need to be delivered by C-section, as his stomach was far too large for a normal birth.

When the mother-to-be went into labor 28-weeks into a 40-week pregnancy, she was rushed to a hospital. The doctor at the hospital refused to do a C-section and refused to deliver the baby unless she attempted a vaginal delivery. The woman gave her consent to a trial vaginal delivery, but under protest and duress.

As the baby was proceeding down the birth canal, his head breached, but due to his large stomach, he became stuck. The doctor started to pull the baby out by applying traction. At that point, he separated the baby’s head from his cervical spine. The amount of blood that shot out of the newborn’s neck was clearly visible to the parents. At that juncture, the doctor shoved the boy’s head and body back into the mother and rushed to do a C-section, at which time he started making the incision into the mother before she was under anesthesia.

You would think this case could not get much worse, but it does. When the surgery was completed he had the nerve to hand over the baby to the mother, while trying to hide the fact his head was detached from his body. How he thought that was going to fly is baffling. It’s not rocket science that the parents talked to an experienced medical malpractice lawyer and filed a lawsuit against both doctors and the medical group that initially treated the woman during her pregnancy.

The wrongful death, medical negligence case will likely be successful in court, as the behavior in this case by the doctor was totally egregious. There were no doubt witnesses, beside the parents, who saw the doctor tear the baby’s head off in the delivery room and quickly attempt to put the baby back into the mother. It’s just completely unfathomable that any doctor that did something like that would not be found liable.

While not all medical malpractice cases are like this one, it does point out that to get justice you must have the services of an experienced Manchester medical malpractice lawyer. They are your voice, your warrior for justice and they will not stop until you get the compensation you deserve.

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