Motorcycle accident severely injures former pro baseball pitcher

The man injured in this motorcycle accident remains in a coma. There are subtle signs of improvement.

Well-known Christian broadcaster for KKLA in Los Angeles, Frank Pastore, was seriously injured when his motorcycle was struck by a car on the freeway. He was on his way home from work when the accident happened. Pastore is perhaps best known for his stint as a professional baseball pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds (1979 – 1985), and for the Minnesota Twins (1986).

Pastore was ejected from his bike, and found unconscious on the freeway be emergency medical personnel. He had sustained serious head trauma and was flown to the nearest medical facility for critical care. On admittance, he was sent to the critical care unit.

The collision took place on the eastbound 210 freeway in the early evening hours. According to police reports, a gray Hyundai Sonata was in lane two when the driver lost control of the car. It hurtled toward the center divider and slammed into Pastore’s motorcycle in the carpool lane. It appears the woman was not driving under the influence, and it is unclear why she lost control of the vehicle. Whether or not that is related to driving while distracted or a possible mechanical failure will not be known until further investigations are completed.

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