Hardwood flooring is easier to care for than you might think

We’ve all heard hardwood flooring is hard to keep. That is not true.

Hardwood is a hugely popular choice of flooring for many homeowners, as they know it enhances the overall value of their property. Hardwood is a smart investment, but it does need to be kept looking its very best, in order to allow the natural grace and beauty to captivate visitors and potential buyers.

Many think hardwood is difficult to keep. That is not the case. You do not maintain it, but maintenance is not that difficult. You just need to be aware of a few pointers. For instance, hardwood does not react well to moisture, so spills need to be cleaned up as soon as possible. Additionally, humidity, or the lack of it, will also affect hardwood flooring. Low humidity can cause the wood to pull apart at the planks seams. Simply using air conditioning will alleviate this issue.

If you’re concerned about moisture on the floors, particularly in the kitchen or laundry areas, then opt to use synthetic rugs, largely because they handle spills very well, and will protect your floor. They also act as a barrier to protect your floor from ground-in dirt, which cuts down on scratching and gouging if you have high-traffic areas where kids and pets wander. The best placement for a rug in a room with hardwood floors is to put it down by the doorway, where it acts as a debris collector. Remember to use synthetic rugs and not plastic, rubber or foam, as these materials may discolor the floor.

Once a day, vacuum or sweep your hardwood floors to get rid of debris that might scratch the surface, and move your area rugs around to prevent a rug outline on your floor from being in one spot too long. You do not need to use very much water. In fact, just use a mop that is barely damp, or use a specially designed spray cleaner and a microfiber mop.

Yes, hardwood flooring does take a bit of extra care, but the results and the look are well worth the extra effort. This type of floor is a major investment, but it will last you for years and remain elegant and inviting, provided you take the time to maintain it. If this isn’t something you want to consider, or are too busy to do the floor daily, you might want to look into other types of flooring that would suit your lifestyle demands.

Dean Dupre is with Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company. To learn more, visit Champtile.com.

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