For good, hard flooring, try limestone

Limestone flooring is a popular choice these days, due to its hardness and durability.

Limestone is one of the natural stones that people seem to gravitate towards when they are considering what kind of flooring to have in their homes – either as it is being built new, or as an upgrading project. This stone is noted for its varying degrees of hardness, and since it is natural, it ages well, with its appearance improving over time.

Cost-wise, limestone is a good choice as well, and comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors. The sky is the limit and limestone has the ability to match any kind of setting, whether it is used as flooring, or on your walls. An added bonus is the fact that each stone has its own hue and shade, making it one of a kind. The overall effect is quite stunning.

Still not sure which way to go? Consider the various finishes available in limestone tile flooring – honed, polished or semi-polished. By the way, polished limestone does not shine like quartz or granite. It offers a lovely subtle glaze that many find very appealing. Plus, limestone has a depth of character than many enjoy. For instance, filled stones are just that – pits and holes are grouted closed. Unfilled stones retain the holes and pits. It depends on what kind of look you want to achieve, and which style would work for your project.

A honed finish is a smooth surface, sometimes with a slight reflective gloss that brings out the true character of the stone. And, bonus — limestone is super easy to clean, provided a good sealant was used on installation. Keep rugs in high traffic areas, such as doorways, and just sweep or vacuum grit up regularly. If the right sealant was used, the wear and tear on your limestone flooring will be minimized.

What about spills? Thanks to the calcium carbonate reacts when it is exposed to acid-based spills, like orange juice. Clean spills up promptly. Do not let the spill stay on the floor and dry. If you are not home when the spill occurs, and it does dry out, simply use a mild cleaner that has a neutral pH. It won’t harm the sealant or the grouting.

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