The Floor Is Permanent; Do It Up Right

To upgrade your home, the best investment you can make is buying quality flooring. Your Tampa flooring is permanent, so you know it will look good.

The inner beauty of your home is largely determined by your flooring. While it is nice to have good furniture and nice wall decorations, if the floor looks awful, the home loses its luster and appeal, not just to you, but to potential buyers. Walls can be papered or painted. Flooring is long-term and permanent, so be sure to do it right when you upgrade.

Keep in mind that there are at least three factors you want to consider when it comes to choosing your new flooring: location, use, and budget. Let’s say you live in Tampa, where it is hot and humid. Those are not exactly ideal conditions for wood flooring. You might want to consider granite, but again, your budget will determine what you ultimately purchase.

There are other flooring choices to consider, such as vitrified tiles, which are glazed clay tiles. They are joint-free, so you don’t get the gapping between adjoining tiles, and are larger and more durable than regular tiles, can be cleaned by acid wash and don’t hold stains. However, one main disadvantage is that they scratch easily, so if you have pets, this is not a good choice for you. Additionally, they are known to be slippery, not the best choice for bathrooms or for rooms where there is traffic by children or older people who may unsure on their feet.

Another choice is mosaic tiling, which comes in a veritable rainbow of colors and designs. If you can imagine a pattern, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you can find it. Additionally, mosaics are one of the more visually appealing tiles on the market. One drawback, though, relates to fading and powdering. If you’re up to polishing your ceramic tiles on a regular basis, this may be the flooring for you.

Or, you might want to consider ceramic tiles, largely because they are really versatile, have a nice range of finishes and are relatively inexpensive. They are considered to be stylish and very easy keepers when it comes to maintenance.  They have a minor problem, and that is if they are glazed, the color may fade over time.

Ultimately, it is your choice, and what a choice you have. It’s the best of everything: lots of choices, a range of prices and multiple options make upgrading your home a snap.

Dean Dupre is with Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company. To learn more, visit

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