Make Sure the Grouting Does Not Overwhelm Installed Ceramic Tiles

Grouting is important when tiling, but make sure it does not overwhelm the tiles.

“If you’re working with ceramic tiles, you should be aware that they come in matt finish, high-gloss and Duraglaze,” advised Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a Clearwater flooring, Tampa flooring, and tile installation company.

Most ceramic tiles, no matter what their finish, look terrific in any room, and are a favorite of homeowners for their reasonable pricing and colorful, appealing patterns. This type of tiling is best laid indoors, in areas where there in only moderate traffic.

“If you want a high-gloss finish, your final installation will have great beauty and a superior shine. If this was installed in a high-traffic area, be aware that you will need to keep on top of maintaining it, largely because it scratches easily. Depending on where you want to feature it, you might be best advised to install it on the wall, or use it for a backsplash for your kitchen. Some prefer the glazed tiles in the bathroom for their ability to repel water,” Dupre suggested.

On the opposite end of the shine spectrum is the matt finish, which is often preferred for high-traffic areas. If the homeowner wants to turn matt into a glossy finish, they only need add sealant. On the other hand, for an aged appearance, or a rustic look and feel, do not use sealant.

For those who want a Duraglaze finish, they will end up with a very durable surface, one that rarely chips or breaks. They are versatile and flexible and come in so many colors it may take some time to choose just one, which is part of the beauty of working with these tiles. They are hugely popular and reasonably priced. “Just make sure that when you install them that the grout color matches, and blends nicely, with the overall décor of the room. The grout should not talk louder than the tiles,” Dupre advised.

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