Distressed Flooring is a Good Option for Renovations

When it is time to renovate, distressed flooring is a good choice.

“It’s not just color and type of flooring that drives consumers these days, it’s also texture,” says Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a http://www.champtile.com., Tampa flooring, and tile installation company. “Texture has the added advantage of setting the surface apart and making it more noticeable.”

Distressed Clearwater flooring may feature transformative aging, hand scraping, and even interesting character marks, all of which make it look not only rustic, but full of character. Some people do not like the idea of having what they feel is a pock-marked, or damaged look to their flooring, but others love the ambiance it creates in each room.

This kind of flooring is highly appealing; in nine cases out of ten, people upon first seeing this type of flooring get down on their knees to touch it. It also has more than one visual option. “For those that like rustic, they would love the knots and graining. For those who prefer a more classic look, they would like a smoother texture. It’s your choice,” said Dupre. But those are not the only two options for homeowners who like some adventure in their environment. There are other options employed to change the distressed look to a real character product, like adding a darker finish, or aging the flooring. It’s possible to be creative.

“Think creative, and the flooring of your dreams is just around the corner, particularly if you want to take the further step of having the flooring customized to get the look you want,” Dupre added. An added bonus to distressed flooring is that it comes in all varieties of hardwoods, and may also include other exotic options.

While it may boggle the imagination to think of flooring being beaten with chains, being bleached or pickled in order to achieve the finished look, that may be just what the house needed to provide it with more character.

To learn more, visit http://www.champtile.com.

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