Tile Beats Carpet and Wallpaper, Hands Down

If you’re looking for something different in terms of renovations for your home, think tile.

While many people love the look of hardwood floors, or natural stone when they upgrade their Tampa flooring, another nifty alternative is tile. In fact, designers are using tile for floors and walls, as they are impressed with their versatility. It is a trend that is beginning to sweep the nation, and if you want to get on the bandwagon early, now is the time to try tile in your personal living space, or office.

Some think that tiles are not that luxurious. However, if they are used in the right combinations, colors, styles and patterns, they become far more than just a hunk of clay. These seemingly small, but elegant tiles have the ability to turn a room into a work of art, add color, and add presence to a room. If you want to really get wild and crazy, plan tiles for inside and outside. Now that is a personal statement, and an eye-catching one at that.

There are a wide range of tiles and patterns on the market; enough to suit any budget. However, if you have a bit to spare, why not consider designer tiles. Get a bit of a kick with some extra character in each room you tile. And remember, you could do the floor, the wall or both. While designer tiles may cost just a bit more than the regular ones, it is worth it when you see the stunning results.

For a styling bathroom, why not have a tile mural created for one wall? Say seahorses, shells and a waterfall. It’s easy to do with tiles. Just create your design on paper first, and then make sure you have enough tiles to complete the job. To that end, always buy a few extra, so if you come up short, you’re covered.

Designer tiled walls are in. How about designer tiled floors? It’s likely the next trend. Imagine smooth tiles on the floor, creating a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. or pebble Tampa flooring in the laundry room. If you want to add some fresh style in your home, tiles are the way to achieve it, and tiles are easily installed if you want to install them yourself. Tile floors add style with class.

Dean Dupre is with Champion Tile, a Clearwater FlooringTampa Flooring, and tile installation company. To learn more, visit Champtile.com.

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