Limestone tiles are a Natural Choice for Your Home

Homeowners that want the “natural” look are gravitating towards limestone tiles.

There are so many Tampa flooring options on the market, it is hard to decide what would look best in your home. Most often, what appeals to you personally is the right answer. Having said that, one of the newer options to consider may be limestone tiles from the southwestern part of Turkey.

These tiles are gorgeous, creamy, snowy white and unusually consistent in color, which makes any home renovation project far easier for the do-it-yourself homepreneur. These tiles are also an excellent choice for hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas, as they offer a clean, contemporary and edgy ambiance.

The other unusual thing to note about the Turkish tiles is what is referred to as low-density fossiling. This makes them look quite similar to polished ceramic tiles; a point that many homeowners find very appealing, particularly if they love the texture and color of natural stone. The bonus with these tiles is that they are available in honed straight and smooth cuts, and semi-polished finishes. The straight and smooth cuts are usually used in kitchens and powder rooms, while the semi-polished are great for use outside.

In fact, many architects are starting to incorporate these tiles in their designs for building exteriors, driveways, garden landscaping and stone pavements. It’s an exciting and eye-catching concept, not to mention these tiles are excellent for use in the garden, as they are highly porous, meaning fungus or mould cannot grow on them. They create a certain ethereal ambiance in the garden and make it a place for quiet contemplation.

One word of caution; maintain these stones properly. They are prone to wear and tear, and you need the right kind of sealant before you lay the tiles. Additionally, if you have a space that typically gets heavy traffic, consider using the non-slip matte finish. Ultimately, the most appealing feature about the Turkish tiles is their price – considerably less than marble, but equally, if not more so, beautiful.

If you don’t know what kind of tile to choose, or even if it would work in your home, then consult with a professional Tampa flooring contractor. Get samples. Try them out at home. Ask questions. Ultimately, when you have enough information and are pleased with the “look,” you may make an informed buying decision.

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