If Not Affordable Health Insurance, Then What?

Some Republicans have been rabidly opposed to the Affordable Care Act, wanting to replace it. What would they replace it with?

It’s no secret that Kentucky’s senators are strongly opposed to the Affordable Care Act. One of them, Rand Paul, indicates he wants to repeal it and replace it with a different one. How’s that? What other Act would he have in mind that would ensure American affordable health insurance? Seems no one has the answer to that question, and they may never have at the rate things are going.

In vague terms, the Kentucky senators mention interstate health insurance competitions, medical malpractice reform (how there’s a human rights issue in the making) and other things that target the cost of the insurance. They suggest that the high cost of health insurance is the major stumbling block to people being insured.

What they appear to miss is the concept that bulk buying insurance brings the prices down, and on the consumer end of things, offers customers affordable health insurance. Considering the millions of people who will be able to access health insurance under health care reform, it is hard to imagine the price of insurance policies ‘not’ dropping.

Would the senators offer their support to multiple state health exchanges, which would be the same as solo state exchanges as setup under the current law? No one seems clear on this issue, which should not be too surprising, given that politics and political intentions are rarely clear when they need to be. If not multi-state health insurance exchanges, then what about insurance policies that last for more than one year?

While Americans may find that thought appealing, as it affords them a fixed price for several years, instead of getting a price hike every year, it’s a sure bet the insurance industry would not go for that one. It costs them money to offer fixed price policies, when the insured may need frequent medical treatment. And, since health insurance companies are businesses, their aim is to make money, not take long-term risks on people by offering the same price for a policy for up to 30 years, as suggested by Rand Paul.

The long and short of this debate is that there are few details, but lots of rhetoric. Rhetoric does not a healthy nation make. Instead, it stalls progress when it is needed the most.

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