Holding Companies Responsible for Mass Transportation Accountable Helps Improve Industry Safety

Mass transportation. It’s a concept we place our trust in daily. We have faith that trains and airplanes will carry our loved ones safely to their destination. We believe that when we share the roads and highways with tractor trailers, we will not be harmed.

But what happens when the corporations that own these massive machines disregard our sacred trust? When they ignore the importance of proper maintenance? When they cut corners only to undermine public safety? When negligence leads to disaster, The Lietz Law Firm can help.

We have years of experience litigating on behalf of victims of airline tragedies throughout the world. And, our work with tractor trailer accidents has helped to set industry standards for safety on the nation’s highways and byways.

With our headquarters located in Washington, DC, we have immediate access to the federal agencies which investigate transportation accidents, including the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), among others. In many cases, we are at the center of the action.

In most transportation cases, the clients of The Lietz Law Firm consistently receive among the highest compensation awarded for that type of accident.

Counsel for Plaintiffs in Notable Transportation Cases
  • Interstate Highway 40 Tugboat and Barge Allision, Webbers Falls, Oklahoma (2002)
  • Alaska Airlines Flight 261 Crash, Point Mugu, California (2000)
  • Comair Flight 3272 Crash, Detroit, Michigan (1997)
  • ValuJet Flight 592 Crash, Miami, Florida (1996)
  • American Airlines Flight 965 Crash, Cali, Columbia (1995)
  • USAir Flight 427 Crash, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1994)
  • USAir Flight 1016 Crash, Charlotte, North Carolina (1994)